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Concussion Evaluations

At Expert Medical Care, the Sports Medicine Physicians are evaluating head injuries on the athletic field. We make acute assessments and stabilize the athlete for transport to the local Emergency Departments for additional testing as indicated. The Kennedy Sports and Wellness Center will follow up with the athletes and reassess them for return to sport. All diagnostic tests are reviewed and additional testing and consultation provided depending on the athlete’s symptoms.

What is a Concussion? It is when the brain is injured from trauma, which results in a temporary loss of brain function. Concussions can hinder cognition, thinking, memory, balance, judgment, or motor skills. Loss of consciousness may or may not occur, but the hallmark symptoms are confusion and amnesia. As a result, other symptoms may develop such as headaches, nausea and vomiting, loss of neurological function, memory loss, dizziness, loss of responsive recall or thinking, or loss of concentration. Concussions in children playing sports, ages eight to 19 years of age have been increasing. There are approximately 250,000 concussions reported in athletes per year, however, this number is probably drastically underestimated as most are not reported or recorded.


Concussion evaluations are performed by:

  • Reviewing the Athlete’s Injury

  • Performing a detailed history of the frequency and gradations of Head

    Injuries sustained

  • Performing a detailed Neurological Examination

  • Following the athlete’s during the return to play protocols

  • Cardiac-Neuro sports specific testing and reassessments

  • Neurology nonsultation