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Certified Medical Review Officer:

  • Interpretation of Forensic Drug Testing

  • Interface with Donor to discuss results

  • Facilitate appropriate actions and requests

o Understanding the specimen collection process

o Analysis of the specimen

o Verification of the laboratory results

o Reporting Verified Results

o Understanding the Split-Specimen Analysis

o Substance Abuse Analysis

o Understands the Return to Duty Criteria

o Tracts follow-up testing results

Certified Independent Medical Examiner:

  • Evaluation of injury

  • Evaluation of causal relation

  • Determine level of “Fitness for Duty”

Pre-Employment Physical Exams:

  • Medical Evaluations for all federally regulated agencies US Department of Transportation(49 CFR Part 40)

  • FAA


  • FRA

  • FTA


  • United States Coast Guard

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (10 CFR Part 26) Nuclear Utilities

Industrial Medicine

  • Railroads

  • Trucking

  • Airline

  • Maritime

  • Pipeline

  • Casinos

  • Hotel Industry

  • Banking

Police Departments, Fire Departments and other local municipals that require employees to be drug tested.

oElite Sprts Medicine & Screening
Drug testing analysis for Sport Teams, Olympics, MLB, NFL to assist them in protecting their Brand. Creating a drug free playing environment.