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MRO-Sports Team Drug Testing


The MRO (Medical Review Officer) certification is based on the federal mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services for federal drug testing programs and fulfills the state required certification of MROs.

One of the many services that The Kennedy Sports and Wellness Center provides is certified MRO testing. The center can provide medical services to all Federal regulated companies such as transportation, railroads, aviation, pipeline, maritime, and nuclear plant employees.

Dr. Michael Kennedy’s background consists of Board Certifications in Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine with added certifications as an Independent Medical Examiner and a Certified Medical Review Officer. An MRO has a complete understanding of substance abuse disorders, chain of custody, collection, and laboratory analysis and client requirements.

In addition, The Kennedy Sports and Wellness Center can perform independent medical examinations, and determined appropriate fit levels of duty for police officers, deputy sheriffs, correction officers, and more.