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Nutritional Consultation

At Expert Medical Care, the unique nutritional needs and requirements of the athlete are identified. The athlete has specific pre-competition, exercise, and post-exercise nutritional needs. The Kennedy Sports and Wellness Center staff will provide a comprehensive plan so the athlete understands how this can improve performance and reduce fatigue.

At the Center this is accomplished by:

  • Caloric Intake and requirements for sport- Energy Foods

  • Recommendations of the type of foods- Balance

  • A Healthy Diet for Athletes- Understanding the Food Pyramid

  • Recommendations on Meal Timing prior to competition

  • Liquid Meals

  • Pre practice Meal Eating

  • Pre-Game Meals

  • Eating During Exercise

  • Post-Competition Eating: Recovery Foods

  • Understanding the Energy Demands of the Athlete

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Iron Needs

  • Fluid Intake