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On-Site Evaluations

Comprehensive Medical Physical Examinations

  • Medical History Review

  • Medical Examination

Cardiovascular Screening

  • Resting EKG

  • Sub-Maximum Exercise Stress Testing

  • Echocardiography

Laboratory Test Result Analysis (Off-Site Testing)

  • Cholesterol Profiling

  • Blood Sugar

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Homocysteine Level

  • High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein

  • Thyroid Function Testing

  • Vitamin D Level

  • Magnesium Level

  • Urine Analysis

  • Chemistry Profile

Laboratory Testing  (On-Site Testing)

  • Drug Screening (Urine)

  • Urine Dip

  • Glucose- Finger Stick

  • Pregnancy Testing (Urine)

  • Strep Testing (Antigen)

  • Stool (Occult Blood)

  • Influenza

Body Composition Analysis

  • Determines percentage body fat, refers to the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in the body. Those with a higher proportion of fat-free mass to a lower proportion of body fat have a healthy body composition.

  • Strength Testing

  • Flexibility Testing

Other Medical Services

  • Radiology Screening

  • Nutritional Consultation

  • Weight Management

  • Sports Psychology

  • Sport Specific Training Program