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Sports Psychology

In order for the athlete to compete at a high level of performance it is essential for them to learn certain skill sets. From the high school to the professional level, all athletes require special mental techniques to reach his or her desired goals.

To achieve your athletic goals, mental preparation and transforming techniques are required in order to change your results. This process can be learned and is what many high achieving athletes have acquired. The process of entering into your zone is discovered with our “ELITE POWER WORKSHOPS”.

Our goal at Expert Medical Care is for you to achieve high performance in Sports and in Life. Once you have a “tool box” consisting of mental exercises and techniques, you will be able to access an unlimited source of power and realize your potential. The true zone you will be able to enter is a state in which your thoughts and actions completely align and synergize.

The Elite Power Workshops are structured over two days with sessions lasting two hours. Workshops are limited to 16 athletes, in order to access each athlete’s thinking process. The Kennedy Sports and Wellness Center specifically focuses on process-oriented thinking; doing his/her best versus goal-oriented thinking; or beating someone or something. If the athlete is only thinking of results or his score, he or she is engaging in result-oriented thinking, which is one of the most under recognized and challenging problem in sports.

The sessions are designed to teach athletes mental exercises and techniques to master their potential. The workshops are seasonal and scheduled at various times during the week and weekends. After the workshop is completed, athletes will be armed with the tools to create and activate their highest potential on and off the field.

The same principles are used by some of the most successful professional tennis players, golfers, football, and baseball players. The difference between good and great is small, and knowing how to get there requires taking the right path and training. Signup for our “Elite Power Workshops” to uncap your potential!

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